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Validate Chinese Companies

How to Verify if a Chinese Company is Legitimate?


I'm Larry Zhou, The Senior Partner of Landing Law Offices China.

We have handled thousands of international trade cases related to Chinese companies. In our opinion, many cases can avoid dispute losses by verifying Chinese companies before transactions.

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We provide a variety of information to help you verify Chinese companies and protect your international trade security. The information contained in the validation report includes:

  • Company name

  • Registration status

  • Registration number

  • Registered address

  • Directors' names

  • Shareholders' names

  • And more...

It's worth spending less money to get a lot of security.

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Landing Law Offices China is an international law firm based in China. "Landing" has been growing at breakneck speed in recent years. In the past two years or so it has established several dozens of offices within and outside China, covering domestic offices including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing in China, and oveseas offices including India, Mexico, Japan, the US, the Philippines and Singapore.

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