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Why can't Chinese lawyers make any promise in litigation cases?

Many clients come to us because they have a dispute in China. After we have invented a litigation strategy, the corresponding opportunities, risks and quotation, the client brings the question: ”Can you guarantee a definite result in this case?". We usually reply to the client and state in our contract that we cannot guarantee a definite outcome. So many clients are confused: why are you a professional yet you can't guarantee any result on my case?

In this article, we shall provide a throughout reply to this inquiry.

Why can't a Chinese lawyer promise any outcome in a litigation case?

According to Chinese regulations and the All China Lawyers Association, lawyers cannot guarantee the outcome of a case to their clients.

* Administrative Measures for the Practice of Law by Lawyers (2016 Revision)

Article 33 provides that "A lawyer undertaking business shall inform the client of the legal risks that may arise from the handling of the entrusted matter, and shall not make improper promises to the client about the outcome of the handling in an express or implied manner."

* The Code of Practice for Lawyers (amended in 2017),