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  • Larry Zhou

Things You Have to Know about China’s Civil Litigation from Experienced Chinese Lawyer

What should you do when your Chinese suppliers have breached the contract, and refused to negotiate? How about when your Chinese purchaser refused to pay for products you have supplied? What are your options when you disputed with your foreign spouse over child custody or marital assets? If such matters cannot be settled in an amicable way, usually you are left with no choice but to bring a lawsuit against the opposing party.

But how? As many foreign individuals and enterprises have consulted us on similar issues, we summarize the procedure of bringing civil litigation in China for your information. Please bear in mind that, it could be rather complex to bring a case on your own if you have not come across with the Chinese legal system before, and we strongly suggest you to contact Chinese lawyers for more information. Having years of experience working with foreign clients, Landing has offices based in several cities in China, with sufficient resources and seasoned Chinese lawyers to assist in your matter.