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Lawyer Larry Zhou settled dispute on behalf of an US trading company, recovering 100k USD losses

As the price of medical supplies in China rises, Chinese suppliers began looking for Southeast Asian factories to produce medical supplies. However, their products vary in quality, so it has caused lots of inconvenience to our clients who purchase medical supplies from Chinese suppliers.

The latest case:

Our client purchased a batch of Nitrile Gloves from a Chinese supplier in Shenzhen, and have paid 30% advance payment, but the supplier has not sent the goods on time.

The client found us worriedly and anxiously. After communicating with the supplier, we learned that the supplier purchased the gloves from a Vietnamese factory due to the higher production cost of Nitrile Gloves in China and the supplier delayed in delivery because they found some quality problems during the inspection.

After many times of communication, the supplier finally promised to refund our client. In order to fully guarantee the rights and interests of our client, we assist the client to sign a refund agreement with the supplier.