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Larry Zhou Successfully Represented an African Company to Recover Refund from a Chinese Company

Attorney Larry S.C. Zhou Represented a South African company Successfully to resolve the sales contract dispute with a Shandong steel enterprise and recover about 40,000 US dollars.

A South African company signed a sales contract with a steel enterprise located in Shandong, China, agreeing that the South African company purchase 316L steel from Shandong company. After the contract was signed, the South African company paid all the payment for the goods.

However, after receiving the goods, the South African company found that the standard of the steel delivered by Shandong company was not 316L, but 304. After discovering this problem, the South African company tried to solve the problem through negotiation with Shandong company for many times, but Shandong company refused to refund or replace the goods.

Therefore, in January 2022, the South African company contacted and entrusted attorney Larry S.C. Zhou from Landing Shenzhen Office Law Office to negotiate with Shandong company on their behalf.

After accepting the engagement, Landing Lawyers issued a lawyer's letter to Shandong company and conducted many telephone communications with their legal representative, and went to the office of Shandong company for face-to-face negotiation. During the negotiation, Landing Lawyers exerted pressure on the Shandong company and warned them that if this dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, Landing Lawyers would take more legal actions to investigate their responsibilities, including reporting the case to the police, submitting complaints to the