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How to Sell your Properties in China?

How to sell your Chinese property as a foreign owner? What is the specific process for non-Chinese citizens to sell their properties in China? What kind of legal services an attorney can provide in a foreign-related real estate transaction?

Here we will briefly introduce four steps about how a non-Chinese citizen sells his property in China, which are as follows:

Step 1: Signing Engagement Letter

Find interested buyers and appoint an attorney to help you during the sales of your property in China. This step needs you to prepare a power of attorney, and instruct and authorize the attorney to represent you to settle relevant issues in this transaction. The power of attorney shall be notarized by the local notary officeof your nationality and shall be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in your country.

Step 2: Signing Sales Contract

Enter into Sales Contract and Deposit Agreement with the buyer, after which the buyer shall pay the deposit to you. In this stage, you need to prepare certificate of property and the owner’s ID card. If the owner of the property can not make it to show up, power of attorney will be necessary. Besides, if ownership is shared by couple in marriage, a proof of an agreement reached by both parties of marriage to sell the property need to be provided.

Step 3: Examination and Verification

At this stage, the buyer is required to do an assessment to confirm that he/her has the local qualification to purchase the property, and the seller is required to do a property verification, ensuring the property ownership is clear without any mortgage.