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How to inherit a property in China?

We experienced and will experience a lot of lucky matters as well as bad things. Losing someone brings a lot of pains. However, even they went to the heaven, they usually left some gift for you, their love remains.

How to inherit a property in China?

Recently, we received a lot of consultation regarding the property inheritance in China. Generally speaking, to inherit a property in China, you can inherit through notarizing, litigation or by direct registration.

1. Inheritance via Notarizing

There are two means of notarizing an inheritance: by will or by operation of law, each based on different laws and regulations.

(i) Notarizing Inheritance by Will

A notarized will can secure the successor’s rights to inherit, and upon the validation of the will, personal assets and real estates of the testator will be deemed distributed following the terms of the will.

(ii) Notarizing Inheritance by Operation of Law

A notarization of inheritance by operation of law means that, in the event that a predecessor has passed away intestate, his/her assets and properties shall be inherited by successors that are on the highest order of inheritance in law.