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How to deal with chinese suppliers?

10 Steps to safeguard your purchase deal with Chinese suppliers

Many buyers pay no mind to their contracts with payments to contracted goods usually amounting to even over millions of dollars. In many occasions, a buyer makes his decision on closing a deal and only let a proforma invoice full of ambiguity act as the witness. Before that, it is very likely that this buyer just finished the whole process of negotiation and confirmation relying on several unidentifiable pictures regarding specifications and delivery issues via Wechat or WhatsApp with his Chinese suppliers.

When disputes occur, you will find that it is too bold and unsafe. And it would be extremely hard to protect legal interest based on simple chat records or invoices.

An integral written contract instead of leaving all your requirements lying on scattered chat record will hold your transaction harmless from fraud and make dispute resolution easier when problems occur. Here are some advices on what you should pay closer attention to when drafting or auditing a contract.

1.Mind the name on the contract

First, you have to know whom you are dealing with. You are supposed to confirm if the company’s name specified on the proforma invoice or purchase order is identical with the name of whom you initially negotiate with through website or online chat applications. Disputes occur from time to time where a buyer contacted a salesman who claimed to be the official representative of a manufacturer and then they jointly reached a consensus with regard to a transaction on website, then the buyer received a proforma invoice and found the name of seller stated on it was not in compliance with the above- mentioned manufacturer.

In fact, many Chinese manufacturers are playing the trick of using another HK-locate