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Foreign parents of children born out of wedlock shall bear legal responsibility

British David and Chinese Xiao Hong fell in love and gave birth to a child while studying in the United States, but the couple have never been married. After graduation, Xiao Hong took the child back to China. David never saw the child again.Xiao Hong raises her children alone in China. Does David need to pay for the support (alimony)?

The above names are pseudonyms

For parents, the birth of a child is sometimes a surprise, sometimes an accident.

But the birth of every child is a gift from God and deserves to be treated fairly, for children born out of wedlock is also the same.

According to Chinese law, children born out of wedlock have the same rights as children born in marriage and should be respected by all without discrimination.

It is the duty of every parent to raise the child as an adult, as is it for foreign parents.

In order to provide the child with the living security, the Chinese law vest the legal power in children who are minors or who are incapable of living on