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After you have won a law suit in China, what is the next step to enforce the judgment?

After you have received a favourable verdict from your litigation or arbitration, the lost party usually will not offer to pay or perform other obligations to you under the judgment or award after losing the case, and will usually refuse to communicate with you about it. In this case, what you should do is to apply to the court to enforce the verdict that you have obtained.

According to the PRC Civil Procedure Law (中华人民共和国民事诉讼法), the PRC Criminal Law (中华人民共和国刑法) and other Chinese laws, the process of applying to the court in China to enforce a judgment or award that has taken effect is as follows.

Step 1: The applicant submits an application for enforcement

The applicant submits an application to the court to enforce the judgment or award. The application to enforce judgement should be submitted to the to the court of first instance or the court where the executed property located; the application to enforce a verdict from arbitration committee should be submitted to the court where the person being enforced (hereinafter referred to as the “executee”) is located or where the executed property is located.

Step 2: The applicant provides property clues, the court verifies and takes enforcement measures